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About Us & Our Jewelry
Ina jewelry is a demi-fine jewelry brand, designed and handmade by Ina Sarri in her workshop based in Thessaloniki, Greece since 2017.
Each piece is carefully designed with a contemporary, minimalistic aesthetic, that gives emphasis to geometric forms. Combining semi precious gem stones with silver or gold plated 925 silver allows these forms to translate into dynamic pieces of jewelry. 
The line is perfect if you want to make a statement in your everyday wear and achieve an elegant look. Each piece is made to represent its wearer and highlight their uniqueness.
Everything is handcrafted in a traditional way. The melted silver is either transformed into wires and bars that are soldered together or is directly cast into unique molds using technique of the lost wax.
The story of each piece begins from an idea or a sketch, which then comes to life by transforming a piece of metal into a unique and skillfully crafted jewelry, ready to shine on its wearer. Sometimes, it is the process that leads rather than the initial design. The making creates a journey where things happen through experimentation, spontaneously and freely.
It would be a great joy for us if you would visit our showroom-workshop.
You may visit us
Monday to Friday 12pm-7pm
Your feedback is very important to us so feel free to contact us with your thoughts or leave a review on our facebook page.