Repairs, resizing & replating

To initiate a repair or ring resizing or replating, please contact us at or (+30) 2310 566138. Repairs and resizing may take up to 7-10 days.
Ring Resizing
Please understand that we cannot offer resizing in stone rings.
The resizing fee is 25€.
The cost of each repair varies from case to case.
Gold plated jewelry is more likely to lose its color over time and, therefore, requires special care. For more information on how to keep your jewelry shiny you can visit our page Care & Maintenance.
We guarantee the plating for our plated jewelry for a period of 2 months. Please make sure that you have kept the receipt or any other proof of purchase. If you would like to replate your jewelry after the guarantee period or if you would like to plate one of our unplated items, we would be happy to provide this service for a 20€ fee.